Good to Know - Facts to Keep In Mind

Emergency Services Available (Broken Teeth / Toothaches & Pain Relief)

Consultations welcome

A note of caution: We would like to advise you that only limited basic dental care is covered by non-private German health insurance (AOK, IKK, etc.).

Infection Control - Your Safety Is Our Top Priority.
For your safety we strictly adhere to Federal OSHA sterilization procedures. This includes autoclave sterilization of dental handpieces after each use.

Estimates & Insurance
If extensive treatment is anticipated or upon your request we will prepare a written estimate. As a courtesy English translations of all pertinent portions and applicable Procedure Codes (American Dental Association) will be contained herein.

Billing & Payment
After services performed we will bill you. As a courtesy English translations of all relevant portions and applicable Procedure Codes (American Dental Association) will be contained herein. Receipt of payment is expected immediately, if up to € 100 (due to numerous unfortunate incidences in the past – your understanding is appreciated!) or at the time specified on the invoice / pertinent estimate, if applicable.
If desired we will aid you in completing your insurance forms.
We accept the following methods of payment:
   Cash / checks in € ’s
   € -Transfer from your bank account
Due to substantial bank charges we are not able to accept U.S.$-checks.
Your understanding is appreciated.

The Best Cure For Tooth Problems – Preventive Visits
The typical interval between dental checkups and cleanings is about six months. This is the recommended time for individuals in good health with no special needs. An interval that best suits your needs will be selected. We strongly encourage you to regularly come in for preventive visits. Remember: The leading cause of tooth problems in the U.S. is not cavities but . . . procrastination!

And Now – Your First Appointment
For your convenience we offer flexible office hours. Since we understand the value of your time we do our best to schedule carefully and avoid undue waiting periods. Just give us a call - and we will be happy to adjust your first appointment to your busy time schedule.
When calling please be prepared to tell us of any dental problem that needs immediate attention. This will assist us to tailor the appointment to your needs. Please bring any available dental records and X-rays to minimize double exposures and, subsequently, expenses.
Should you have a member of the staff on the phone whose English is less than perfect we would like to ask you for a bit of patience.
And . . . please provide at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment.

Many thanks in advance!

So, see you around!

New Patients and Emergencies Always Welcome!

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